Alexa Albanese


Height: 5'6'' | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown

  • Boston University, Boston, MA

    • Automated Attendant for Boston University - MET Undergraduate Student Services​ (2017-present)

  • Emmanuel College, Boston, MA

    • Mystery Radio Theater (2012, 2016)​

    • Office of Student Activities EventBrite
      Tutorial (2014)

  • Town of North Providence, RI

    • Automated Attendant for North Providence
      Town Hall & Fire Dept. (2013)​

  • Sephora, Cranston, RI

    • Grand Opening Commercial, ClearChannel
      Radio (2013)​    

  • Writing

    • Comedy ​

    • Creative nonfiction

    • Articles

  • Improvisation

  • Emceeing/Hosting

  • Sports

    • Boxing

    • Football 

  • Italian (basic)

  • Valid RI driver's license


Training Center Graduate                                                                                                                                                                            November 2019

Improv Asylum, Boston, MA

Bachelor of Arts in English: Writing, Editing, & Publishing and Theater Arts                                                                                                 May 2016  Emmanuel College, Boston, MA


Stand-up Workroom - Rick Jenkins; The Comedy Studio (online)

Writing for Late Night TV and Talk Shows (Levels 1 & 2) - Holly Wortell; The Second City (online)

Stand-up 101: Joke Writing - Dan Telfer; The Second City (online)

Creating and Pitching Your TV Series - Dave Colan; The Second City (online)

Writing the Sitcom Spec Script - Kevin Brennan; The Second City (online)

Online One-on-One Coaching: Sketch Comedy - Amy Young; The Second City (online)

Your Show Live! - Bina Martin; The Second City (online)

Sketch Writing 101 - Laura Clark: ImprovBoston, Cambridge, MA

Voice - Emilie Faiella: College of Fine Arts at Boston University, Boston, MA

Improv to Sketch - Shantira Jackson: ImprovBoston, Cambridge, MA                                                                                                                                Radio/Voiceover - Doug Palmieri: ClearChannel Radio, Providence, RI                                                                                          

Playwriting - Scott Gagnon: Emmanuel College, Boston, MA                                                                                                           

Acting: Basic Techniques - McCaela Donovan: Emmanuel College, Boston, MA